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Create better products and take control of your manufacturing. Lumafield's easy-to-use CT scanner and powerful, cloud-based analysis software solve tough engineering challenges at every stage of the product development process.

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Lumafield’s X-ray computed tomography platform gives you a deep view inside objects to see features that have never been visible until now.


Lumafield takes the friction out of inspection with Neptune, a groundbreaking easy-to-use CT scanner paired with Voyager, powerful cloud-based software that solves problems from initial design through mass manufacturing.




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The missing dimension in product development

Refine your designs

Quickly figure out what’s going on inside your products. Visualize and measure both external and internal features. Analyze prototypes before they go into production to pinpoint misalignments, leaks, and collisions.

Perfect your production

Integrate CT with your production line to inspect every part you manufacture. Find problems and make fast pass/fail decisions with automated analysis tools.

Remove friction from manufacturing

Collaborate with colleagues around the world in real time using nothing but a web browser. Add bookmarks, comments, and custom views, and share scans securely with an unlimited number of partners.

Avoid critical molding and casting failures

Discover and analyze pores, voids, and cracks with automated porosity tools before they become production problems.

Explore new techniques with confidence

Validate and monitor new vendors. Adopt new technologies like additive manufacturing and ensure that they meet your requirements.

Stay ahead of quality

Make sure the parts you rely on meet your standards. Guard your brand by supervising your supply chain and flagging unapproved changes.

Trusted by great engineering teams

“In our first scan with Lumafield, we saw what we were looking for. We saved ourselves four months.”

Zach Mahoney

Director of Packaging Quality

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"Our goal is to make products we love. To do that, we need to have access to the best tools."

“I've cut open a million pairs of shoes. You can see your product in a different light when you have something intact, and you can look at it digitally.”

“We’re doing everything we can to make the best product possible, and that includes trying new technologies and processes that we haven’t used in past product development.”

"A Lumafield scanner gives us very quick—and valuable—information."

“I was able to have a meeting with our customer, log into Lumafield's software, and show evidence that prompted a design modification.”

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