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Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Lumafield's Neptune industrial X-ray CT scanner offers a transformative solution for CPG professionals. With Voyager's browser-based dimensioning and Revolving Slice Planes tools, packaging engineers can accurately measure thread engagement depth and angles, revealing any deviations that might jeopardize the seal's integrity. Automated Porosity Analysis further aids in characterizing voids and identifying potential weak spots prone to "breakthrough" cracks. Additionally, CAD Comparison enables users to compare scanned parts with original CAD or mesh files, facilitating the quick and efficient detection of manufacturing discrepancies or defects.

In our first scan with Lumafield, we saw what we were looking for. We saved ourselves four months.

Shampoo cap

Dimensional inaccuracy in this shampoo bottle cap is causing strain on the threads, leading to cracking.


Mascara tube

The contact on this mascara tube should mainly be at the taper, but a CT scan shows that the bottom of the cap extends beyond the base of the tube, impeding the seal at the top.


Shaving cream can

This shaving cream can sustained damage during shipping. The aluminum base was dented and punctured at its crimp with the steel walls, allowing product to seep out.


Applications include:


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