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Failure Analysis

Quickly identify the root cause of product failure.

Plastic regrind comes with the risk of inclusions that could initiate cracks due to their difference in density from the surrounding plastic. Industrial CT helps pinpoint and mitigate this failure mode.

Aerospace and defense manufacturers use industrial CT to investigate failures in critical components such as turbine blades, engine parts, and structural elements. This technology can detect internal cracks, voids, and other defects that could lead to catastrophic failures, ensuring the safety and reliability of aerospace products.

In the athletic equipment industry, CT scanning helps analyze failures in products such as helmets, protective gear, and performance equipment. It can identify internal flaws, such as cracks and material weaknesses, providing valuable insights for improving product design and ensuring athlete safety.

Industrial CT allows for precise failure analysis of medical devices by identifying internal defects such as cracks, voids, and misalignments in implants and surgical instruments. This non-destructive method ensures that issues like material fatigue or manufacturing flaws are detected early, improving patient safety and device reliability.


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