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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Lumafield's affordable and accessible Neptune industrial X-ray CT scanner is complemented by Lumafield’s AI-driven Voyager analysis software, a cloud-based inspection platform that operates right in your web browser. Voyager gives you the power to visualize, analyze, and share your CT data directly from your computer, regardless of your location.

With Voyager's dimensioning tools, engineers can take precise measurements and detect deviations swiftly. Porosity analysis helps uncover hidden voids within materials, a crucial capability to address issues of material integrity. CAD Comparison and Scan to Scan Comparison enable engineers to compare components with CAD models and other parts to quantify deviations, providing insights to combat misaligned assemblies and ensure seamless fits.

I was able to have a meeting with our customer, log into Lumafield's software, and show evidence that prompted a design modification.


Within the EpiPen, Voyager allows for inspection of the complex assemblies, including the needle, spring alignment, plastic support structures, and the plunge mechanism.


Medical clamp

Atlas, the AI co-pilot that guides users through Voyager and offers engineering expertise, can automate workflows such as comparing a manufactured part to the original CAD file. Here, there are clear dimensional deviations on this medical connector.


Insulin pump

Mechanical assemblies within enclosed devices, such as the springs and actuators inside this insulin pump, can be easily assessed to help prevent harm to patients and costly recalls for device manufacturers.


Applications include:


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