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Dimensional Measurement

Accurately measure internal and complex geometries.

Industrial CT enables in-situ inspection of internal geometries to verify dimensions within assembled components, such as in this medical connector.

Aerospace manufacturers use industrial CT to measure intricate internal features of turbine blades, engine parts, and airframe structures. This technology provides precise measurements of internal geometries, such as cooling channels and material thickness, ensuring the performance and safety of aerospace products, surpassing the ease-of-use and accuracy of traditional measurement tools.

For battery inspection, industrial CT provides precise measurements of vital internal parameters such as anode overhang, electrode thickness and spacing, and case uniformity. This detailed analysis helps identify potential defects like misalignment, voids, and material inconsistencies that could impact battery performance and safety.

Medical device manufacturers rely on CT scanning to measure internal features of surgical instruments, implants, and diagnostic equipment. This non-destructive method provides detailed measurements of internal geometries that are impossible to access with conventional measurement tools, ensuring the functionality and safety of medical devices.


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