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Material Characterization

Comprehensively investigate material properties.

Though a sustainable choice of material, plastic regrind comes with the risk of inclusions that could initiate cracks due to their difference in density from the surrounding plastic.

Aerospace manufacturers use industrial CT to analyze the internal structure of advanced materials such as composites and alloys. This material assessment can detect voids, inclusions, and other anomalies that could affect the performance and safety of aerospace components.

In the medical devices industry, CT scanning is used to characterize materials in implants, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment. It provides detailed insights into material composition, density, and structural integrity, ensuring that medical devices meet stringent regulatory standards and perform reliably in clinical settings.

For consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, CT scanning offers detailed material testing of packaging and product components. It can identify issues such as inconsistencies, voids, and weak points that could affect product durability and performance. Through material evaluation of their physical properties, CPG companies can improve packaging design and material selection.


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