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Industrial CT lets engineers see their work in tremendous detail, both inside and out. Lumafield's Neptune scanner and Voyager visualization software solve critical problems in a range of industries and allow you to take product development to the next level.

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Batteries & Electronics

Inspect batteries, assemblies, circuits, and wiring without destroying prototypes. Learn more in our webinar on inspecting batteries with industrial CT >

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We’re doing everything we can to make the best product possible, and that includes trying new technologies and processes that we haven’t used in past product development.
Aurelian Nicolae
Co-Founder and Chief Hardware Engineer

Medical Devices

Accelerate medical device product development and fine-tune your manufacturing processes. Learn more in our webinar on inspecting medical devices with industrial CT >

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I was able to have a meeting with our customer, log into Lumafield's software, and show evidence that prompted a design modification.
Ryan Kircher
Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Consumer Packaging

Scan assembled consumer packaging to inspect seals, snap fits, and material integrity in situ.

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In our first scan with Lumafield, we saw what we were looking for. We saved ourselves four months.
Zach Mahoney
Director of Packaging Quality

Athletic Equipment

Save time and cost while breaking new ground on performance athletic equipment.

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Our goal is to make products we love. To do that, we need to have access to the best tools.
Chad Manuell
Global Director of Engineering


Take control of your automotive supply chain and adopt new technologies with confidence. Learn more in our webinar on inspecting automotive components with industrial CT >

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Cross-section samples and automatically identify manufacturing flaws.

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A Lumafield scanner gives us very quick—and valuable—information.
Jianing Gao
Senior Materials Engineering Lab Manager

Learn more about industrial CT

Reach out to our team to learn how Lumafield’s accessible industrial CT technology can work for you.
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