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An icon representing Lumafield's Neptune scanner.


Industrial X-ray CT scanner

From initial design to mass manufacturing, Neptune accelerates your product development by giving you X-ray vision.

Streamline your engineering with the world's most efficient inspection technology.

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Clear vision

Accelerate design


Find flaws fast

Quickly pinpoint small issues before they become big problems. Neptune reveals invisible flaws in less time than it takes to cut parts open. Automated integrity analysis finds pores, voids, and inclusions that visual inspection would miss.

scale to full volume

Bring X-ray CT into production

"Lumafield's platform enables Intrepid to show prospective customers that our machines do what we say. Neptune is a fantastic way to validate that a part meets requirements before we move into production, and Voyager gives our customers confidence in the products we ship. It is the future of manufacturing."

compact footprint

Add Neptune to your workspace

Neptune is designed for an office or workshop environment. It’s just 6 feet wide and runs on a standard 120V household outlet. It's easy to operate with a touchscreen interface and auto-setup features—no dedicated technician required.


Collaborate in real time


Lumafield’s integrated scanner and software help teams of any size work faster, starting at $75,000 per year.

Ready to work faster with industrial CT?