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Quality Assurance and Control (QA & QC)

Proactively ensure products meet and exceed quality standards.

QA and QC are non-negotiable for medical devices on which people’s lives depend, such as this pacemaker. Industrial CT allows for thorough inspection of its intricate PCB vias and lithium iodide battery.

Automotive manufacturers use industrial CT for QA and QC to inspect components such as engine parts, transmission gears, and structural elements. This technology can detect internal defects, misalignments, and material inconsistencies that could affect vehicle performance and safety.

In the medical devices industry, CT scanning is utilized for QA and QC to verify the integrity and functionality of implants, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment. It provides detailed insights into material composition, structural integrity, and assembly accuracy, ensuring that medical devices comply with regulatory standards and perform reliably in clinical settings.

For industrial machinery manufacturers, CT scanning is employed for QA and QC to inspect critical components such as bearings, gears, and valves. It allows for thorough examinations of internal structures, identifying defects such as cracks, voids, and material weaknesses that could lead to equipment failures.


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