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Supplier Qualification

Ensure the quality and reliability of your supply chain.

Voyager’s CAD Comparison workflow automates supplier quality assurance by visualizing and quantifying deviations between design files and manufactured parts.

Automotive manufacturers use industrial CT for supplier qualification to inspect critical components such as engine parts, transmission gears, and structural elements. This technology can detect internal defects, material inconsistencies, and deviations from design specifications, ensuring that supplied parts meet stringent automotive standards. 

In the world of medical devices, CT scanning is utilized for supplier qualification to verify the integrity and functionality of implants, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment. It provides detailed insights into material composition, structural integrity, and manufacturing precision, ensuring that supplied components comply with regulatory standards and perform reliably in clinical settings. 

Aerospace companies rely on CT scanning for supplier qualification to inspect packaging materials, containers, and product components. This technology can identify issues such as material inconsistencies, voids, and weak points that could affect product durability and performance.


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