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CAD Comparison

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February 6, 2023

Quickly compare your manufactured parts to their original design, inside and out.

Nearly every modern product begins its life as a computer-aided design (CAD) file. The difference between this digital design and the physical finished product is at the heart of the product development process. Innumerable manufacturing variables stand between an engineer’s idea and her factory’s output, and linking these variables to outcomes occupies entire engineering professions.

We’re excited to offer a tool in Voyager that will give engineers deeper insight into the obstacles that stand between them and their vision: CAD Comparison makes it easy to see how a physical object diverges from its original design. Neptune industrial CT scans can capture both visible and invisible features in a 3D model, while surface scans comprehensively encompass external details. Voyager accepts both data types and offers rapid insights into your parts. By overlaying a CAD file, we’re able to compute deviation from the design and visualize it using color maps.

CAD Comparison is an essential tool for delivering high-quality molded, cast, and 3D printed parts; it instantly reveals signs of warping and tool wear, making it easy to tune design and manufacturing parameters. It can quickly detect flawed manufacturing steps, highlighting machined and stamped features that are misplaced or missing. And it’s an invaluable tool for failure analysis, pinpointing broken parts and capturing deflection.

Running a CAD Comparison takes just a few minutes in Voyager. And with Atlas, our AI engineering co-pilot, it's even easier. Voyager accepts mesh files exported from any CAD software, as well as 3D and CT scan data for comparison. Atlas guides the user through an alignment process, automatically visualizing the divergence between the CAD file and the scanned part. Atlas runs the same workflow to help you compare one scanned part to another with Scan to Scan Comparison.

The entire process runs in a web browser, taking just minutes to handle analysis that would otherwise require days of imprecise and expensive article inspection. Our CAD Comparison tools accelerate design iterations, reduce scrap, and cut costs; helping designers and engineers make data-driven decisions that go beyond calipers and 2D drawings.

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