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Introducing Expanded Scan Volume

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April 27, 2023

Lumafield is constantly improving the capabilities of our Neptune scanner and Voyager software, and we're excited to introduce a groundbreaking new feature: Expanded Scan Volume. Just like panorama mode on your phone’s camera, this new acquisition mode lets you fit more data into the frame to tell the complete story of your products.

Expanded Scan Volume broadens the field of view on your Neptune scanner, enabling you to inspect parts with up to 80% larger volumes and up to 50% bigger diameter than before.

With the ability to scan larger objects, users can now cover more of their product lines, including bigger shoes, larger batteries, and more complex assemblies. New magnification multiplier (up to double) enhances the resolution of scans for items already within the scanner's range, proving especially useful in applications such as seal inspections, precise porosity detection, and generating higher-density mesh files.

Lumafield’s customers are already using Expanded Scan Volume for applications including scanning larger footwear that previously didn't fit the scanner, expanding coverage of food storage product lines, and inspecting items like helmets and skates. This feature allows companies to maximize the benefits of the Neptune scanner and optimize their quality control and analysis processes.

As a testament to the flexibility and adaptability of Lumafield's hardware subscription model, Expanded Scan Volume demonstrates how software updates can significantly enhance the capacities of your Neptune scanner even after it's been installed in your workspace.

By allowing you to inspect larger parts and obtain higher resolution images, Expanded Scan Volume empowers your design and manufacturing process with better data-driven insights.

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