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Ensuring Food Safety and Quality Packaging

June 12, 2024

Nearly every person on the planet interacts with food and drink packaging products, and consumers rely on manufacturers to ensure that packaging is safe and reliable. Defects like metal or plastic fragments or poor thread engagement not only compromise consumers, but damage brand reputation and trust as well.

With food and drink product recalls trending towards a five-year high in 2024, ensuring your inspection process detects even the slightest defects is critical.

Our latest guide explores how industrial CT scanning is the right solution to eliminating defective packaging. Download Ensuring Food Safety and Quality Packaging to learn more about:

  • How industrial CT scanning easily detects packaging defects like foreign objects or structural weaknesses
  • What your engineers will see when utilizing Lumafield’s revolutionary Neptune scanner and Voyager software in their inspection process
  • Why household name brands are using industrial CT scanning to reduce inspection costs and labor

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