Inside the Ember Mug with CT scans

December 19, 2022

We’ve all wished our coffee would stay warmer for longer, but the Ember mug takes that dream to a whole new level. Not only does it keep your drink hot, you can set the exact temperature you want using an app on your phone. An LED light will show you when the mug has reached its target temperature, and then the mug can maintain it for up to an hour and half on a single charge (or all day, when sitting on its charging coaster). And once you’re done sipping, you can just pop it into the dishwasher; it’s even safe to submerge in up to three feet of water. With a CT scanner, we can see the impressive electronics that make the Ember Mug so intuitive.

At its base, there are two inductive charging rings that transfer energy from the coaster to the batteries via the circuit board in between.

Two lithium-ion batteries link directly to the heating element that runs along the bottom circumference of the mug. This ring is cleverly embedded in the external layer of the insulated mug wall, heating the drink from the sides rather than the bottom and allowing maximum heat retention on the inner wall. 

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