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Inside the Dyson Airwrap with CT scans

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December 9, 2022

The Dyson Airwrap is an internet sensation, with styling videos on TikTok netting upwards of 4 billion views. It dries and styles hair quickly and safely and is well-suited to a wide range of hair types. Jet engineering allows its heat control and airflow systems to maintain the unit at a temperature below 302° F.

Instead of extreme heat, the Airwrap dries and styles hair by creating a vortex between two high-velocity airstreams. A CT scan slice-view of the handle reveals the path the air takes from the base of the wand to a tiny 13-blade impeller that generates immense pressure by spinning at 110,000 RPM. From there, the air travels through a heating element before funneling into the styling attachment.

Over 200 engineers and scientists at Dyson designed an ingenious system that embraces the Coanda effect—the tendency of a fast, controlled jet of air to attach to a curved surface. Powered by the impeller, fast-moving air escapes from thin slits in each of the eight included attachments and then hugs the barrel to create the vortex that dries hair or creates a curl. Scans reveal the precision engineering of the internal vanes in the brush attachment that guide the air to achieve Dyson’s remarkable results.

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