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Journalistic Storytelling with Industrial CT

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March 21, 2023

Industrial CT is a powerful tool for telling rich stories about design, engineering, and technology.

Design and engineering are at the center of many of today’s most salient news stories. In order to tell those stories effectively, journalists are increasingly turning to sophisticated visual storytelling tools like industrial CT.

Lumafield is proud to work with journalists who want to enrich their stories with compelling visualizations that reveal the hidden complexity of the world around us. Here’s a look at how three prominent storytellers have used Lumafield industrial CT scans to communicate effectively with their audiences.

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Financial Times
Financial Times article on electronic waste from wireless earbuds, featuring Lumafield industrial CT scans

Lumafield has worked with the Financial Times on two major investigations. In January 2022, we helped reporter Alexandra Heal and the FT’s Visual Storytelling Team, led by Sam Joiner, look inside wireless earbuds as they explained the scale of our electronic waste problem.

In March 2023, we helped the same team look inside disposable vape pens–a major new source of e-waste. Each of the electronic cigarettes we scanned turned out to have a large lithium ion battery destined for a landfill after just a few days of use. Our scans of the Elf Bar, Crave Bar, and Luto disposable vapes are accessible to the public as demo scans in our Voyager software.

The Verge
An article in The Verge featuring Lumafield industrial CT scans

Sean Hollister, Senior Editor at The Verge, used Lumafield scans to look inside a dozen consumer electronics, including icons like a Polaroid camera, Apple pencil, and Palm Pilot.

In addition to a large-scale written feature on Lumafield’s scans, the video team at The Verge has produced a series of social media videos for Instagram and TikTok that use our scans to explain the inner workings of these familiar devices.

Adam Savage looking at a Lumafield industrial CT scan of his aluminum foil ball

We’ve worked with Adam Savage and Norman Chan on a series of videos that use our technology to look inside the curiosities in Adam’s workshop. In June 2022, we scanned our first batch of Tested objects, starting with a Curta mechanical calculator, a giant Gundam figurine, and Adam’s aluminum foil ball–an object he spent an entire episode wishing he could see inside.

Since then, we’ve helped the Tested team look inside Adam’s collection of vintage vacuum tubes, an animatronic crow that served as a prop in Hansel and Gretel, and Buster, the legendary crash test dummy from Mythbusters.

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