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Webinar: Exploring medical devices with industrial CT

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August 4, 2022

Industrial CT is an essential tool in medical device development. It accelerates new product introduction by pinpointing design issues before they become major problems, and in production manufacturing it identifies critical defects that would otherwise be invisible.

Join us to learn what industrial CT reveals about product development—and how industrial CT can help your product development process.

Medical devices like inhalers and epinephrine autoinjectors are marvels of engineering and precision manufacturing. Produced by the millions, they're able to administer a precise dose of medication at a moment's notice, during a medical crisis with minimal user training.

We've featured these devices on Scan of the Month; now we're going deeper on their design logic in this free webinar. Join Scott Johnston to trace the design evolution and manufacturing details in these devices using visualizations and insights gained from industrial CT scans:

To view these scans, just click the links above and create a free Lumafield Voyager account when prompted.

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