Develop advanced athletic equipment with industrial CT

June 21, 2022

Consumer expectations for athletic equipment have never been higher. In every sport from golf and tennis to football and ice hockey, equipment manufacturers are turning to advanced design and fabrication technologies to give their customers an edge. These new technologies—like 3D printed lattices and sophisticated carbon fiber layups—require careful design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to be successful.

Industrial X-ray CT technology from Lumafield gives designers and engineers the insight and control they need to deliver outstanding products that push performance boundaries. In the early stages of product development, industrial CT gives R&D and design teams the power to evaluate their ideas quickly, helping them iterate faster.

During the design for manufacturing (DfM) process, industrial CT uncovers invisible problems and untangles design issues before they become major blockers. In production, industrial CT lets engineers quickly inspect complex products, ensuring quality and highlighting supply chain problems—all without resorting to destructive testing.

Explore the scans below by creating a free Lumafield Voyager account, and read our case studies with Trek Bicycle and Saucony to learn how Lumafield helps engineers create outstanding sports equipment.

Learn how Trek Bicycle uses X-ray CT to develop great products

“Our goal is to make only products we love. To do that, we need to have access to the best tools. An in-house CT scanner has been on our wish list for a long time.”

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