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High Resolution

Capture intricate details with precision.

High Resolution also elevates Porosity Analysis, unleashing the potential to detect pores on a scale ten times smaller than before. This capability allows for remarkable improvements in defect identification, visualizing larger pores with unprecedented detail while bringing smaller ones that may have previously eluded notice into clear focus. HR provides clearer insights into the sphericity and nearness to the surface of internal voids, enabling more precise quality control.

For battery engineers, fine-feature analysis has never been more insightful. High Resolution brings the internal layers of batteries to life, allowing you to delve into intricate details that are critical to performance. Understand the nuances of anode and cathode layers, detect anomalies, and scrutinize layer alignment. By visualizing these fine features, you can optimize designs, troubleshoot issues, and elevate battery performance.

Whether you’re advancing battery technology, perfecting packaging, or ensuring quality in intricate components, HR scanning is your path to precision. It supports engineers in uncovering the smallest anomalies for effective failure analysis and contamination detection. The HR module empowers you to optimize designs, uncover nuances, and make informed decisions with confidence, sharpening your scanning capabilities to new heights.

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