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Inspect electronics with industrial CT

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June 10, 2022

Industrial X-ray CT lets engineers see their work in detail, inside and out. With Lumafield's Neptune CT scanner and Voyager analysis software, it's fast and easy to inspect assemblies, BGAs, and wiring without destroying prototypes and products. Plus, CT offers quantitative analysis tools like automated porosity detection and digital check gauges that go well beyond eyeball tests to improve manufacturing outcomes.

Hear Tony Fadell talk about why he wishes he had industrial CT when he created the iPod. When you're ready to start exploring, create a free Voyager account and visit the demo scans below.

Learn how WHOOP's engineers use industrial CT to develop great products and collaborate with teams around the world

“We’re doing everything we can to make the best product possible, and that includes trying new technologies and processes that we haven’t used in past product development.”
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