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Looking inside an animatronic crow with Adam Savage

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October 27, 2022

Adam Savage and his team visited our San Francisco office a few days ago to look inside one of his film artifacts: an animatronic crow from Jeremy Renner's Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. With the help of our Neptune CT scanner, we found that it's a complex assembly with three servo motors, a fiberglass shell, and intricate webbing that helps its feathers move realistically when the servos operate.

You can explore the crow here in our Voyager analysis software—just create a free account to get started, and be sure to check out the other scans below. We've also extracted STL models from our scan that you can 3D print; download both full and sectioned crows here, or learn more about the process of getting from CT scan to 3D print.

Industrial CT is a powerful tool for engineers, who use it to examine everything from shoes to medical devices in order to fine-tune their designs and debug their manufacturing processes. It's also a beautiful way to learn about the world around us and discover its hidden design language. We hope you enjoy these scans as much as Adam did!

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