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5 reasons why every engineer should be using Voyager

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September 14, 2023

In the world of engineering, precision, efficiency, and collaboration constantly redefine what’s possible. As the driving force behind innovation and product development, engineers need technologies that not only streamline their work but also elevate their capabilities. Voyager is a cloud-based solution that’s transforming the way engineers use 3D data to deliver better products.

Voyager empowers engineers across industries and at every stage of product development, from R&D to manufacturing. But what exactly makes Voyager such an indispensable tool for every engineer?

1. Universal compatibility

Voyager is your one-stop destination for analyzing data from industrial CT scanners and 3D scanners, and it doesn't play favorites. Whether you’re using Lumafield’s accessible Neptune industrial CT scanner or high-resolution 3D scanners from companies like Keyence or Artec, Voyager will consolidate your scan data and give you actionable insights. No more juggling between disparate software tools or struggling with compatibility issues. Voyager serves as the neutral ground where data from many different sources converges into a cohesive, harmonious whole. It’s a game-changer for engineers who rely on different scanning devices, offering a singular home for all your data analysis needs. So, whether you have a Hexagon, GOM, Creaform, Creality, Shining 3D, or any other 3D scanner in your toolkit, Voyager stands ready to empower your analysis.

2. Effortless comparative analyses

Engineers often need to compare 3D scans with CAD models or conduct part to part comparisons to identify deviations and track changes. Voyager simplifies these processes, streamlining comparative analyses.

CAD Comparison: Import your CAD file, and Voyager will automatically align it with the mesh of your scanned part and generate a heat map that visualizes deviations. This can help you understand how closely a manufactured part matches your intended design. Verify designs with precision by quantifying excess, absence, and misalignment in material.

Scan to Scan Comparison: Whether you’re tracking wear over time or evaluating the performance of different production runs, Voyager’s Scan to Scan Comparison tool simplifies the process. Identify variations and deviations between scans to see how your design and manufacturing process stands the test of time. 

These capabilities turn complex analyses into straightforward checks, enabling engineers to make data-driven decisions more quickly than ever. By automating comparative workflows, Voyager empowers engineers to focus on innovation, ensuring product quality and shorter development cycles.

3. 2D dimensioning for precise measurements

The best engineers refuse to compromise on precision. Voyager’s 2D dimensioning tool offers a new approach for obtaining accurate mesh measurements, a task that can be cumbersome in existing mesh software at every price point.

Voyager provides a swift and precise solution for engineers seeking to measure various aspects of their 3D scans. Whether you need to gauge distances, angles, or dimensions, Voyager’s 2D dimensioning tool makes it easy. Just create a slice plane through your area of interest, then take 2D dimensions with confidence. With Voyager, you can reduce the risk of errors, expedite decision-making, and ensure the highest-quality data.

4. Seamless collaboration

Collaboration is critical to every engineering program. Voyager not only simplifies your analysis but also transforms the way your engineering teams collaborate. It eradicates the hassles of sharing files through email attachments or thumb drives, which can lead to fragmented and siloed data. Instead, Voyager streamlines your collaboration process, allowing distributed teams to work together seamlessly without the need for multiple rounds of back-and-forth emails or the risk of losing valuable data.

With Voyager, you can share your projects instantly with colleagues all over the world, making it easier than ever for them to access and analyze the same data. Real-time commenting and the ability to leave Bookmarks on projects facilitate clear communication and knowledge sharing, fostering a mutually supportive environment that accelerates decision-making.

Voyager's cloud-based architecture ensures that your engineering team is on the same page, enhancing efficiency and productivity. By centralizing your data and enabling real-time interactions, it reduces the chances of miscommunication, errors, and delays.

5. AI for manufacturing: Atlas, your AI co-pilot

Voyager introduces an invaluable partner in your engineering journey: Atlas, the world’s most advanced AI co-pilot for engineers. Atlas isn’t just another tool; it revolutionizes the way you can approach engineering challenges.

With Atlas, you gain immediate access to a wealth of specialized engineering knowledge from around the world. Say goodbye to endless hours of research and troubleshooting. Simply ask Atlas questions in plain language, and it will provide clear, expert answers tailored to your specific scan, needs, and applications. There’s no need to sift through textbooks or consult external sources; Atlas has it all covered.

Whether you need to run CAD Comparisons, porosity checks, or dimensional inspections, Atlas guides you through the analysis process step by step, making even the most complex tasks understandable and actionable. Atlas’s ability to identify anomalies and create bookmarks that pinpoint key features elevates your engineering capabilities to new heights. With Atlas by your side, you’ll not only streamline your processes, you'll unlock the full potential of your scan data.

Try Voyager now.

In a rapidly evolving engineering landscape, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. We invite you to take the next step in engineering excellence by experiencing Voyager firsthand. 

Try Voyager now for free, and discover how it can transform your approach to 3D scanning and analysis.

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