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How Intrepid Automation Uses Lumafield Industrial CT to Deliver Parts up to 10x Faster

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April 27, 2023

Intrepid Automation is blazing a trail in industrial-scale additive manufacturing systems for high volume production. They’re passionate about finding greener, faster, and more cost-effective solutions to their customers’ toughest problems. In pursuit of establishing 3D printing as the gold standard for automated production, Intrepid discovered Lumafield's industrial CT scanning technology as the perfect ally for their digital manufacturing process.

The partnership between Intrepid's 3D printing expertise and Lumafield's cutting-edge inspection technology has opened the door to a future where industrial-scale production is seamless, accurate, and efficient. Intrepid's commitment to consistency ensures that every part they produce is identical, with customers reporting a remarkable 98% accuracy from design to end-use product. 

Integrating Lumafield's Neptune CT scanner has further optimized Intrepid's quality control process, allowing for the delivery of parts to customers 3 to 10 times faster. For Intrepid, industrial CT addresses critical challenges in high-density printing by letting engineers see through individual components to inspect multiple parts on a single build platform and check internal passages for accuracy. This real-time data feedback closes the loop on quality and drives the production of millions of parts with unprecedented precision.

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