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Seal inspection & leak analysis

Industrial CT scan of a shampoo bottle cap

Leakage in packaging can occur due to a variety of factors, ranging from poor thread engagement and porosity-induced stress fractures to seal misalignment and damage caused during handling. These defects are often difficult to identify through traditional inspection methods, necessitating a more advanced and comprehensive approach. Industrial CT scanning empowers engineers with non-destructive testing capabilities that unveil hidden flaws within packaged products without compromising their integrity.

With Voyager’s Advanced Dimensioning and Revolving Slice Planes tools, packaging engineers can measure thread engagement depth and angles, identifying any deviations that may compromise the sealing integrity. Automated Porosity Analysis allows you to characterize voids and determine weak spots that may lead to “breakthrough” cracks. With CAD Comparison, users can compare their scanned parts with original CAD/Mesh files, enabling manufacturing discrepancies or defects to be identified quickly and efficiently.Leakage in packaging has serious consequences, such as product spoilage, contamination, reduced shelf life, and compromised safety.

Traditional inspection methods prove inadequate for pinpointing the precise cause of leaks, often damaging critical components such as delicate threading, seals, or the places where two parts of an assembly meet.

The Engineer’s Guide to Leaky Packaging

Download our free white paper, The Engineer's Guide to Leaky Packaging, to learn about the most prevalent causes of leaks and their potential consequences for packaging integrity. By mitigating the underlying mechanisms of leakage, engineers can employ effective preventive measures, reduce scrap costs, improve product reliability, and ultimately deliver packaging solutions that stand up to the most stringent quality standards.

With Lumafield’s Neptune industrial CT scanner and Voyager analysis software, every engineer can detect and correct packaging flaws to deliver perfect products every time.

Download The Engineer's Guide to Leaky Packaging